"When buying the ticket for the long train journey home, grandma would often take her place in the queue for white folks and get quicker and better service than the dark skinned blacks who would often have to wait longer...."

Lolas' inspiration comes from her history, colour, pride, gender and from the found forms of urban living.

Her subject's gaze often reflect a history vastly different from the expected norm, a gentle pride in being, sometimes hard fought for, they challenge the viewer to take a longer look at both the subject and hopefully themselves.

Later works include the series 'quartet', a look at how colour, decay, light and space in an urban environment defines its inhabitants. ‘scents of autumn’ looks at the textures and shapes of New York seasides and considers the distinctive light present during the fall.

While continuing her political and exploratory works defined through series such as [sur]passing and surmise, Lola has more recently embraced the freedom of photography without agenda.

Lola is available for commissioned work.

all images © lola flashemail: lola@lolaflash.com